Accounting & Bookkeeping

Does your business need a data-conscious, detail-oriented professional accountant to provide accounting and bookkeeping services at a competitive price? Look no further than Hori CPA.

From small to large businesses, owners and in-house accounting staff alike are swamped with data entry and reconciliation tasks that take up a lot of time. What if you could regain some of this time and instead use it to productively attend to other equally important tasks that contribute to overall company growth?

accounting and bookkeeping

Why Should You Outsource Bookkeeping?

One of the central reasons business owners opt for outsourced bookkeeping is because as their business grows, so do their accounting responsibilities. If you’re bogged down in balance sheets, you can’t be present for the day-to-day operations that made your business take off in the first place.

Outsourced bookkeeping solves the problem. When you have up-to-date books and accurate financial statements, it’s easier for you to make business decisions — you have the data to support your next move.

Trust Hori CPA, for business accounting and bookkeeping services. As a fellow business owner, he knows the importance of balanced accounts and financial reports. Not only will he help compile the data, he will help you understand what it means for your business plan as well.

Monthly Accounts Reconciliation

When you work with Lance Hori, you can expect the timely delivery of your monthly statements. Accounts reconciliation will include a detailed list of income and expenses for all your business accounts. Instead of putting in the hours at the end of the month acting as your own bookkeeper, you can simply look over the results. Lance can also help with initial QuickBooks setup, if you’re interested in transitioning to a system you can eventually manage on your own.

Managing Outstanding Invoices

Not only can it be exhausting to manage your own accounts, but it can become a major stressor when you have outstanding invoices from past clients. Hori CPA, can make calls on all of your delinquent accounts and refer them to collection agencies when necessary. This takes another time-consuming, frustrating task off your list.

Analyze Accounts Payable

Are you interested in finding out where your business cash flow is heading and what you can do to minimize your monthly expenses? After analyzing your liabilities and monthly charges, you can trust Lance Hori, CPA, with educated, wise advice on how to streamline your budget and start directing more money back toward your business.

Team Partnership with Internal Accounting Staff

While Lance Hori, CPA, is capable of handling all your business accounting and bookkeeping, he also can work with your internal accounting staff. If you have a specific task you’d like handled every month, you can pick and choose the services you need.

For all your business accounting and bookkeeping needs, rely on Hori CPA — your local Centerville business accountant.