Business Tax Preparation

Business tax preparation: It’s not a project that can be managed casually. You need a business tax expert with years of experience tracking assets and depreciation, capable of finding every possible deduction in tax law. You need Hori CPA.

business tax preparation

A Business Tax Accountant Can Save You Money

The expertise of a practiced business tax accountant can save your company thousands.

For example, if you own a business with an annual net profit over $100,000, you can save $4,000 in self-employment taxes alone simply by restructuring the way your business entity is taxed.

A software program won’t tell you that. An amateur tax preparer won’t know the difference. But you can rely on a state-licensed Utah CPA with years of practice and personal experience as a business owner.

Lance Hori, CPA, specializes in tax preparation for businesses — his goal is success for the small-business owner. By paying as little state and federal tax as legally possible, you can funnel more profit back into your company and continue to grow.

Business Accounting from Start to Finish

Do you own a startup? Are you trying to project costs and plan strategically for next year’s business tax filings?

Depend on Lance Hori, and you’ll get more than just tax preparation and filing. You will get in-depth information on all the hidden costs you haven’t anticipated. As a CPA who is also a small-business owner, Lance can help you plan for property taxes, insurance and any other expenses you have yet to work into your budget.

Experienced business owners can also benefit from the expertise of a qualified business accountant. Tracking assets and depreciation is a full-time job. Preparing inventory lists and maintaining bank reconciliation schedules? It’s all too much for one business owner (and even an on-staff bookkeeper) to handle.

Let Hori CPA, provide backup when it’s crunch time for tax deadlines.

Ensure Compliance and Save Time

Business tax law isn’t the easiest topic to understand. Tax laws and the requirements placed on businesses in varied industries are changing all the time. You don’t have time to research and make sure you’re fully in compliance. Instead, leave it to your reliable business tax expert and turn your attention back to what you’re good at.

Trust a Certified Professional

Small-business owners are driving forces behind what powers economies and countries. Your business is your life’s work, and it provides for you, your family and your employees. Filing business taxes is a key part of keeping your company operating smoothly. It’s essential to find a business accountant you trust. Lance Hori, CPA, is a professional you can depend on for accurate, precise management of your business taxes.