Tax & Financial Consulting

Lance Hori, CPA, provides consulting services on a range of topics related to finance, accounting and taxes. From business management guidance to configuring employee benefits, you can get your questions answered and your paperwork filed on time with the help of Lance Hori.


Personal Financial Consulting

Personal financial consulting can greatly benefit you as you transition to different stages of your life. For example, Lance Hori can help you organize your finances in preparation for a bank loan application. If you need to file for disability or for bankruptcy, you need a qualified accountant on your side so you understand the process.

Lance Hori can help you set up retirement savings accounts, appeal property tax rulings and plan your estate. Everyone needs a personal financial consultant, and Lance Hori is a dependable resource.

Business Financial Consulting

Are you interested in finding creative ways to reduce business expenses and maximize cash flow? Do you need advice on writing client contracts, legal agreements or internal business documentation? Would you like a professional’s take on setting and managing your business’ budget for the coming year?

Lance Hori, CPA, offers more than detached business financial consulting. As a small-business owner himself, Lance provides firsthand knowledge of the processes and procedures on efficient business operations. Making sure your accounting is integrated with the rest of your business is only the first step. Your company will run more smoothly when you trust Lance for consulting advice.

From Startups to Nonprofits

Does your startup need a forecasted pro-forma financial statement prepared? Are you starting a 501(c)3? Is your nonprofit attempting to secure property tax exemptions, or just trying to maintain tax-exempt status?

When you’re in the business-planning stages or you’re managing a nonprofit, a helping hand can go a long way. Lance Hori, CPA, provides a wealth of resources when you’re launching a new business or operating a nonprofit.

Employee Benefits Administration

Talk to Lance about how to set up health savings accounts, retirement funds and 401(k)s for your employees. Forming a complete, comprehensive benefits package is how the best companies retain the top talent, but it’s essential to structure it correctly. As a business consultant, Lance can help you understand the most cost-effective way to offer the perks your employees want.

Forensic Accounting

Lance Hori also offers forensic accounting consulting services. Exploring whether fraud has occurred is a daunting but necessary task if your business’s financials show any suspicious signs. Get help tracking down the discrepancies and preventing further fraudulent activities.

Contact Lance Hori, CPA, with all your tax-related consulting needs, and get smart, effective solutions fast.