Payroll Services

Payroll: It has to get done. You just don’t want to be the one to do it. Maybe it’s starting to feel frustrating. Instead of focusing on core business functions, you’re stuck behind a computer at the end of each pay period, desperately trying to get data processed as accurately and quickly as possible.

Tired of the rush? Hori CPA, can help by providing full payroll services.

payroll services

Outsourced Payroll Services Provides Many Benefits

First, trusting a certified accountant with your payroll frees up a lot of your time. You didn’t go into business to be a payroll accountant, so leave the job to Lance Hori, CPA. You can take the hours you would have spent on payroll and focus on tasks only you can do.

Second, part of the reason a payroll service can be invaluable to business owners is because of the ever-changing employment laws. Employers must comply with a range of local, state and federal regulations, and calculating tax withholdings is just the beginning.

From new-hire reporting requirements to workers’ compensation, businesses have plenty of opportunities to trip up and incur fines. Trust an experienced payroll accountant, and you won’t run the same risk.

Problem-Solving Saves You Time and Frustration

Payroll affects every aspect of your business, either directly or indirectly. If your employees don’t get paid on time, you may no longer have employees. If the IRS doesn’t get its cut on time, you’ll end up paying more in fines, cutting into your annual budget.

Payroll problem-solving is one of Lance Hori’s specialties. From filing quarterly and year-end reports to ensuring you’re correctly categorizing independent contractors, taking care of both regular payroll services and resolving major issues are part of Lance’s skill set.

Professional Payroll Services Reduce Your Risk of Audit

The last type of letter you want to find in your mailbox is a notice of an audit or violation from the IRS, but it happens to business owners across the country. Delinquent payroll taxes are a serious infraction and can incur liens or cause the IRS to shut down your business.

Avoiding this is a goal for every smart business owner, and one of the best ways to ensure you’re in line with federal and state regulations is to outsource the job to a certified professional accountant. A payroll service is worth the money, especially since it helps you avoid the fines and fees that could seriously harm your growing business.

Stand Behind a Strong Defense

If you are audited, wouldn’t you like to have a professional deal with the IRS? When Hori CPA, manages your payroll, you’re guaranteed a lower risk of audit, but you will also enjoy the resources only a professional with years of experience working for the IRS can provide.

Many times, a careful, well-thought-out explanation can be the first step in negotiating a resolution with the IRS — a resolution that doesn’t harm your company’s growth. You have a strong defender in Hori CPA. Call today to talk about how outsourced payroll services could change the course of your business.